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Important Updates: Covid-19


To all residents, caregivers, and professional partners:

After the Thanksgiving holiday, we noticed the number of cases rise dramatically in New Bedford.  As difficult a decision it was to make, Whaler’s Cove has decided to impose a short-term restriction of visitation by anyone not considered an essential medical provider, as well as resume in-room dining.  Small group activities have also been postponed, but we continue to provide room-to-room programs and activity supplies. 


In addition to taking these precautions, we have contracted with specialists in Air Duct Sanitizing and Disinfecting.  They will be onsite spraying a non-toxic and environmentally friendly disinfectant throughout the community to help combat any potential COVID-19 and Influenza airborne particles.  We are also installing MERV-13 filters in our air filtration system. 


While we hope the visitation restriction is a short-term need, we will continue to watch the number of cases in New Bedford and follow the guidance of the Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.  We appreciate the support and understanding you have shown us this year and we will continue to work hard in keeping the virus from impacting our community.



Contact Information

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